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Yteria combines all skills and experiences to enable
digital experiences on your SAP Solutions

SAP solutions & technologies

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• With SAP Solutions & Digitalization technologies you can accelerate business outcomes in all your Enterprise areas.

• SAP Business Technology platform services and SAP User Experience digitalization are perfect combinations to deliver high-end front-end & mobile solutions.

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UX & Design

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• The UX designer works on user needs in collaboration with the various project stakeholders.

• There are many UX methodology that allows you to work according to the project and specific needs. The UX designer identify the best design practices & conception.

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Blended learning is the new way of working.

It combines the best of two training formats:
• traditional classroom training
• online e-learning content
Many various elements can be used to illustrate a learning and to bring the best to your users.

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SAP Silver Partner

We are SAP-certified partners who play a critical role in helping organizations grow by assisting SMBs in a variety of industries. We help our clients transform their business by assisting them in identifying, implementing and delivering SAP services and support that is tailored to their clients' needs.

  • Laurent and Frederik together



    Our story begins in 2011. Two colleagues discuss their plans and their professional goals. They see a real evolution of SAP solutions and want to bring their own expertise to it. They decide to found their own company together, Yteria.

  • Office of Yteria at Zaventem

    2012 - 2018


    We extended our expertise to SAP Business Technology platform, SAP Solution & Enterprise architecture, Cloud foundry, SAP Mobile services, Cloud first approach and multi digital touchpoints strategy.

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    2019 - 2022


    As our business grew, we needed to expand our office and our knowledges with new colleagues. We moved to Zaventem and complete our team with experts in SAP solutions, UX and learning. That allow us to be complete for our customers. We offer more and more qualities services in different industries.

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    We analyse your needs in every details:
    Full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage trends, subscription growth, cohort analysis and more. Know exactly what users are doing across touchpoints to increase acquisition, drive engagement and improve retention.

Full insight into the user journey.

Get started to see who your user are, what they do and discover what they really need.

Frederik Jooken

Frederik Jooken

Managing & Delivery Director
Laurent Bouziani

Laurent Bouziani

Management & Solution Designer
Jonas Vanderkelen

Jonas Vanderkelen

SAP Consultant
Laureen Bataille

Laureen Bataille

UX Consultant & Business Analyst
Tom Van der Beken

Tom Van der Beken

Learning Expert Consultant
Sara Marcos Alvarez

Sara Marcos Alvarez

Learning Consultant & Communication Officer

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